Monday, 26 October 2009


If you're following me on Twitter you may have seen how I recently have fell in love with Roses Gabor, re united with my long lost wife Keri Hilson and have seen my affection for Cherri V blossom into a cherry tree (do cherries grow on trees!?)

In a new place it's only normal to meet new people... I met a young light skin version of Cherri V!

Beautiful right. No question mark.

But... 'things have changed cus now we're older'

Cherri doesn't know it yet but I'm her biggest, weirdest fan (it's better if she doesn't read this cus I'm telling you restraint orders are LONG! Cha!)

Check this new one featuring ESKI BOY!

Mental note: Holla at 6060 and extend the school tour into a uni tour. *BIG SMILES*

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