Thursday, 8 October 2009

2000 & LIFERS

I'll update my peoples dem on my actually performance @ I LUV LIVE and hosting it in a later post, but the show and words with Tee made me sleep and wake up (to a bed of sweat... Yeah the illness is still about) to re-clock that... I LOVE MEDIA

Performing is actually fun. I haven't harnessed my 'skills' yet but it is actually FUN!

Don't get me started on being behind the camera too... KAI! Once I find a fish eye lens for my HD cam then it's a ting.

MENTAL NOTE TO YOU ALL: Don't change for nothing! It's either they adjust or they dust... And that's Kevin speaking too. BLAOW!

"If yah can't feel it let me touch yah"

Sidebar: Before I set off on my journey, I NEED to find the DVD I burnt all my 'Show Dem Grime' footage on (I didn't know about backing up and external hard drives dem times)

I thought I was a young Spike... (I think I've wordpressed it already but so!?)

Little Nasty was NANG!

F it ima do it now... IT WAS NANG!

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