Monday, 30 November 2009


On the 7th of December make sure you come down to Proud Camden for the re return of the one... The only... I LUV LIVE.

For the Funky House lovers there will be GRACIOUS K and the 'Sexy Sexy' NATALIE MAY

The grime faithful will have the punchline hitter P MONEY

Those in their 3rd decade of existence will know of KARL HINDS

For those that were unfortunate not to get on the bill, the legendary open mic session is still apart of the normal proceedings so GET INVOLVED!


Who knows... I may host the show again if Ras has another sick day

Quick reminder...

10th of December...

Take a look at

'The Blitz' profiles, Tribal Man's profile & The A-Z to artists and guest speakers

Monday, 23 November 2009


Mr Mic Check (No Kano) has got the signature in!
Hammer has got a video and single release for his EPIC Funky House tune and wants to spread the love (no STD)
I don't want to speak to much on how much he's nicing the peoples dem but I see an Industry Takeover ticket in there... If you enter and fail... Holla atcha gwala ;)

I wouldn't mind bussing a skank in the video... ENTER BEFORE I DO!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Industry Takeoooooover

As you lot should know, the Industry Takeover proceedings is coming along soooooo smooth.
The turnout has been good on both nights so far (expect a review of them both on the Urban Development website) but just for those who didn't get to turn uuuuuuup...

If you don't know about Lil' Simz then update your passion.

If youuuuuu didn't know the next show is on the 10th of December... THE BLITZ!
Check the site and I'll be expecting your faces.


Saturday, 21 November 2009

... Now you're back

There's a lot of girls that have come and gone in the game but for 2010 I think Baby Blue will make a better attempt of cementing her place as an artist.

She's on this S.A.S track on a humble one but... Trust me... She's not a jengaleng.

DOWNLOAD 'Been Around the World'

Friday, 20 November 2009


Besides the red headed girl being on a next Romford, Time & Envy, Friday night pill popper flex THROUGHOUT the video and Wiley actually being in his video (He has been in a couple but it wouldn't really be a Wiley post if I didn't try and take a dig at that now would it?), the most funniest thing to come about the new visual dropping is his YOUTUBE ACCOUNT

You can imagine my reaction when I saw this:


Oh Wiley... You slay me.

I might as well put the video up too right? *Now how do I do the auto-play thing?*

No Ghanians were hurt

Funniest thing all year. No hyperbole.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

RALPH'S WORD: Opinions

I’ve always wanted to do some type of column style writing since I interviewed Gina Davidson but no topics had got me revving to open up word [even though I should be on pages now since I’m apart of the Mac family now], but words uttered by what I saw as being an ignorant mouth has now got me going; oh the irony.

My housemates and I were arguing after an incident involving a girl, my D&G watch & broken door got underway. Words were flying all across the house from the stairs to the garden and a fight nearly kicked off. Level headedness lowered the mood just to words again but as I was dishing out my two pence to a housemate he merely replied by saying ‘well it’s your right to your opinion’. UTTER BULLSHIT. That is one of the worse phrases to be injected into the English language, period. People have lost themselves to society, which is causing them to think that if x amount of people agree with one thing, it automatically becomes truth. What ever happened to objected truth? I’m there saying ‘stop being [insert name]’s Labrador’ and he’s replying by saying its cool to have my own opinion. If someone is wrong they should be called up on it so the person can turn around and say ‘I was wrong’ and their consciousness can be put up a notch.
Playing the village idiot is best left for those who want to reenact the YMCA dance.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Big Brother

My little brother has definitely been taking 'comedy' tips from me... Let's just hope he can take the throne (yeah I said throne... AND WHAT?!) when I retire with Roses Gabor (or Cherri V if she's on it) when I hit 60. Now that will be some school days nostalgia sessions. Blaow.


Swindle's Funk ways has always been the ting. Fusing that grime BPM with pure vibes is a hit 100% of the time. His new remix of Cherri V's playground banger 'Skool Daze' needs to reach my iTunes asap.

Saturday, 14 November 2009


I can't recall the last tune to make me laugh so hard I thought about saying 'you know when you laugh so hard a little trickle of piss comes out'.

Too bad for this guys career but if you don't know about his past and present... YOU LATE HOMIE!

OH YEAH I don't mean no offense towards any female for liking this song. It's a song I like which so happens to be about... Well... Give it a butchers.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Dem Krafty Kuts

'Ere what I'm saying yeah... Sign up to the Krafty Kuts Club yeah and not only will you receive his
brand new 'from the old to the new' DJ mix absolutely free yeah, you will
also be sent a free monthly newsletter yeah PACKED full of goodies yeah,
including free tracks, mixes, club and festival tickets and clothes
from top fashion brands YEAH!.

Simply send your full name, email address and the country dem you live in yeah
to and we'll send you the mix.


Thursday, 12 November 2009


The new ting.


Wednesday, 11 November 2009


I hadn't been to ChockABlock before and I'm happy I did... BOOOKAIII!

The dj 'clash' was jokes and on point at times bar the BAIT clanging (Salute to old school Dj Fewie), the music was of my taste; grime and funky setting the room on fire despite what I've ever said about the genre and the set to end the festivities was ROWDY... And I'm not on about the music.

Bare strays got sent but eh... What can man say now?!

If I ever get pictures from Tasha I may be able to show dem dem dem dem.


Saturday, 7 November 2009

Dwayne not Sean

Looks like it'll be an epic one.

Big screen? Straight to DVD?... uTORRENT!

Twi is live!

D'you think I understand?

I'm vybzing regardless!

A girl said his brother tried to holla too... STRAIGHT PAR!

Btw... You see Keri Hilson... 'Mipehfuckoonu'

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Other 'jokes' that came to mind:

"Kids are eating eating out of his hands... Make sure he washes 'em first"

"Look what chips cumming with" and...

"Look how big his head is... I rather not"

(Hi5 to Jme for bringin' it to my attention)

The 2nd, 3rd...

And a tad bit of the 4th.

I got one media project due to documentate 3days of my life... They must not know that I'm doesin it now.

BUT instead of waiting to January I thought let me kick it off now and get it out of the way... You know... Less stress on my NOhican head top.


To [re]welcome grime from being dead (yeah Logan did say that didn't he?) and a 'honorary' cool kid member and basically show you that iDoAlot too (see what I did there?), I've done a little edit for the blogger mandem.

Just to wet your mouth before hand (no connotations), here are some pics from those days of my life.

"Look at my life... I hope the cameraman is getting this"



I feel so haps right now. Nothing can make me feel to say 'fahk you cahnt'... Except...

Fahk that ish nicca. Absolutely unacceptable.

My bro is a nang-gar-gan. Last time I came London he was o trial for Southend FC... By the time I came back he was already playing for Colchester. I don't care who you are but that is the in ting.




How can my gran walk into her surprise birthday party, look straight into the camera, look away, shout 'ayyyyyy' then control the dancefloor sector like we put the wrong set of numbers on her birthday cake?


So THATS where I get the skills from. Scoom


Wondering why the post is called what it is? It'll be explained in the next one.


Sunday, 1 November 2009



Julie mannnnnnn

Stop doing this to us mannnnnnn

You said you were gonna stop then you came back mannnnnnn

I got these cheese burgers mannnnnnn

Give me 2secs...

I want to write a column... Purely because I don't know how to and I didn't know how to blog but look at me now *side eye*

I'll do something when I get back to Hatfield later but thought you should all know.

Before I go you all should...

1. Listen to Wale's discography

2. Drink Orange juice

3. Say wagwan to someone who works for the government

Peace, love and soullllllllllllll train.