Monday, 14 May 2012

#RandomRalph: Wale 'Banterview'

Ralph Hardy speaks to Wale about his favourite artist at the moment, his footwear collection, Bret Hart, the importance of the new sound of Go Go music, how he receives Football and the players (not he pig skin sport), what happened to light skin Dominique from Shades, amongst other things, you know... The random things. Apologies for the audio.

Check out the interview on PMB.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

#SoundsOfUtopia: A Yellow Man - 3000 Miles Of Youth

 We can thank Twitter for me getting in tune with this smooth trio, A Yellow Man. A young Nana Kwesi tweeted me their link saying '[YouTube link] This is so @RalphHardy' and I clicked initially thinking I was on some random's channel. I was surprised.

As I'm not ignorant, I listened and my gosh. I loved it amongst first play. BLAH Captivating moods from the elctro-soul/ Hip Hop group and what is even more gob smacking than the excellently executed video idea (5 nangs to Paul Akinrinlola) is that they are a gospel collective, or just more so religious and conscious.

Went to the other video My Lyrics Are Alive dropped the same day and yep... Still pleased to listen. It's been a minute since UK rappers appreciated every word in every line to the point they didn't waste one. Chioma's singing is cold too - I need to learn the hook and all of it really.

I feel so wrong for even to think to swear but fehk the video is so cold.
A Yellow Man - word to Sam's beard.