Tuesday, 20 October 2009


I love music.

BUT if someone was to ask me why I love it so much I could give a list of albums that have went through the test of time to stay in my iTunes:

Jay Z - Reasonable Doubt
Lupe's 'The Cool'
Kano's 'Beats n' Bars' Mixtape
Bill Wither's Greatest Hits
Kanye's Discography. No hype
Wino's 'Back to Black'

To name a few...

BUT visual appreciations are far and few imbetween.

This guy in the pink

Did a madness to my eyes. No nothing.

That's one prime example of how to love music. You see the skanks!? MARD!


Live lounge is the best by the way... I just think Jo Whiley needs a revamp. No Sub-low for that.

I don't think this is Live Lounge but if it is... It's my favorite


And oh yeah... I LOVE Keri Hilson

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