Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Gfrsh posted the instrumental on Twitter so this is what I did...

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Kid Bliss - Autopilot

1st and foremost I'm disappointed me and @J_ihani couldn't do our skit for the tape. Bummer.

Forget that one.


2009 has brought about many mixtapes/promos/ 'windowers', and with my hand on my chest (yes I'm feeling myself), I can honestly say that no CD has been of the same caliber as 'Autopilot' from Kid Bliss.

You may have seen the Nigerian accompany Afrikan Boy around the world doing shows but I have a feeling this guy may be headlining a bill or two.

The mixtape consists of well executed lovey dovey tunes (no par), features from current big names such as Gfrsh & Bigz (go figure) and tunes to exercise the foot work in the form of 'ABC'.

I'm not gonna say what my favorite tune is because by tomorrow it would of changed. Just know... JUST KNOW... There are no fillers/ skippers/ barely made it tracks in this piece of work.

Unfortunately I messed up my iTunes so my play count is SKADOOSHED but it won't be long before I build that up again.

To download 'Autopilot' click the image (Bliss thinks he's weng init?! lol)

Check Kid Bliss via his website www.kidblissmusic.com

Over and out.

'I don't normally pay this price'

Good friends are the ones that help you without knowing... Mali Marls' good deed was soo nang, I had to let her know over... And over... And over again.

Taking random tunes from her hard drive allowed me to stumble on 'Shakka'. Since I never heard of the chap before, I thought it be only right if I took out a minute and give it the once over. Watch the par.

Mali only had two of his tracks from his six track mixtape.

Needless to say I went home, surfed the web, and found the missing links. The rest is history.

This guys sings/ raps/ skats with that strong British voice, something missing from the music scene. One of my favorite lines of his is
'I don't normally pay this price... From Grove to Edgware, I'll walk I don't care, the leg work would do me nice' (8)


If I had a record company I would sign him along with J2K, Roses Gabor & Adaggio... Just saying.

Download Foolishness Vol.1 & give Shakka's Twitter a glance whilst you're at it.

Guess who ain't shy anymore...

Let's not be ignorant about ignorance now people... It's a common preconception that females shouldn't do Grime because of the likes of Lady SOV and Mz Bratt (despite having a good year this year) but like all good theater productions, you need to give props where due.

Thanks to Scratcha DVA and the Rinse.FM team, we all received an early Christmas present (despite not having a web cam and sending my pair of X-Ray glasses) when a whole heap of talent ladies graced the air waves.

Despite everyone being STOOOPID (@AaronBBR context), especially Angie B taking me back with the jams, I wanna single, or should say double, out Shy One Beats & Lady Lykez.

@ShyOneBeats A.K.A 'Saying her name is a next ting' could of blown (PAUSE) time ago but it seemed like she wanted t personify her name. Now that she's coming out of her shell, it should be Christmas for us more than once a year.

Lykez has recently switched to the Rap/ Hip Hop but her old Grime bars and Caribbean influence definitely made me do a head bop on my seat.

If you missed it, have a butchers...


Singing in a British accent is absolutely beautiful when you're British. Lily Allen does it well and Adele has made me stop and pause (no oxy) once or twice in my time.

The way Julie ATTACKS the beat is like a true BOSS.

The Nigerian link up with Skepta & Fem Fel just emphasizes how African's are the people you call for a big tune (no par Chippy, I'll holla you later for that feature).

If this is a warning shot for 2010, I don't want wanna see what happened to the tree.

DON'T FORGET! SB.TV launches on the 1st of January... BARE guys are gonna be tipsy stumbling to their macs for that one.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry something

December is the month were a star was born

December is the part of the year were you rejoice that one wonderful person is alive

December... Is my month :)

Christmas is merry and all of that when you know why you're merry. I'm not gonna jazz it up with carbon emissions so I'm just gonna be jolly as I made it to the next chapter.

This December has brought us "we're goin' in", "Autopilot" and "Take That" being released on my birthday (Safe Richard), but don't forget I have a present to give you all once this torrent hurries up

Bare things have happened. I'll give it to you in picture form soon enough. I'll update you all on it all.

For those who still have the Christmas spirit check this out

Peace and love... Rev Run

Friday, 11 December 2009

Don't say you weren't warned

Don't be alarmed... New talent appears out of the turquoise every blue moon but this one is something like a SUPERSTAR.
Slickmouth aka Kay Rufai has been writing for a hot minute and producing a quality sound that just highlights the correct mindset I've seen in him from early. Not only is an album in the pipeline, the US-UKer also is in the middle of perfecting the street ware.

Don't ask why I'm telling you about this guy 'cus you all know I am a greedy guy *side-eye* but today... I think I'll be nice

The mix-tape 'Traveling Star' is soon to slap your ear drums but before hand, have a butchers to 'Warning'

Check the Myspace too while you're at it.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Where was I on Friday?

Unfortunately I didn't go to the Bluey Robinson show but I'm sure I'll go to his next one.

If he did this tune then ima be ever so slightly more gutted.

Why is he so nang? Someone please tell me

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Yo Julie! D'you remember Gangsta Red?!

This guy's choruses are a next ting...

(Courtesy of Mali Marls)

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Sorry Twista...


"So he devised a plan for get at the man through the woman cus he knew he couldn't fool Adam"

I walked away in ore... Ore I say (no typo... Barefoot tings).

I appreciate good people coming out of the turquoise doing & saying things that are sicker than the average (no Notorious B.I.G or even Beangie Siegel).

Dwayne Tryumf - 777 Intro