Friday, 9 October 2009

Dayo spills it... Oopsy daisy

I've wordpressed it before about how Dayo, the young Plaistow singer, didn't feature in the video for 'Oopsy Daisy', which is sure to be number one.

Specualtion flew from city to city, town to town, lamp post to lamp post etc but what is the real deal?! Miss D aka Dayo talks with ME for one side on the matter.

'So why aren't you in the 'Oopsy Daisy' video?

"Unfortunately, it was a clash of schedule, however, I still think that the video looks good with the girl in it, Red Madrell did a fantastic job. I was away in Leeds"

'What rumors have you been hearing about the video?'

"I don't think I have heard any rumors you know... People just ask me on Facebook 'why are you not in the video?' or 'I just saw the video on Youtube and it says featuring Red"

'You perform the tracks with Chipmunk when he does it live I presume'

"Yeah I did Radio 1 Live Lounge... Quite scary since it can't be stopped imbetween or anything like that but the feedback was good!"

Have you been on anything else recently?

"Well his [Chipmunk] album is coming out on the 12th of October so go and purchase that. I'm on a song with him on that which I believe is track 1 called 'Savior'. BIG TUNE! I'm backing him up on that on the chorus."

Facebook: Dayo Olatungi

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  1. Do you believe that she was "away in Leeds" or do you believe the label payed her off to say that?

  2. Either way, by the 12th her pockets will be healthy.

    I believe her though

  3. i beleive it wont go number one tune is fukin annoying

  4. I only like the chorus part on the tune, so I hope she gets the recognition she deserves, but they should at least put her name in the song.

  5. Sounds like a sweet girl.
    Aww but it all seems abit iffy on the egdes though!lol

    its will get to number one coz most caucasian ppl like that kinda Jazz!