Saturday, 26 December 2009

Guess who ain't shy anymore...

Let's not be ignorant about ignorance now people... It's a common preconception that females shouldn't do Grime because of the likes of Lady SOV and Mz Bratt (despite having a good year this year) but like all good theater productions, you need to give props where due.

Thanks to Scratcha DVA and the Rinse.FM team, we all received an early Christmas present (despite not having a web cam and sending my pair of X-Ray glasses) when a whole heap of talent ladies graced the air waves.

Despite everyone being STOOOPID (@AaronBBR context), especially Angie B taking me back with the jams, I wanna single, or should say double, out Shy One Beats & Lady Lykez.

@ShyOneBeats A.K.A 'Saying her name is a next ting' could of blown (PAUSE) time ago but it seemed like she wanted t personify her name. Now that she's coming out of her shell, it should be Christmas for us more than once a year.

Lykez has recently switched to the Rap/ Hip Hop but her old Grime bars and Caribbean influence definitely made me do a head bop on my seat.

If you missed it, have a butchers...

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