Saturday, 13 February 2010

In character

Whilst I was looking for the Arctic Monkey's 'When The Sun Goes Down' instrumental I stumbled on something SLIGHTLY interesting.

If you ever tried to look for the same beat you would of came to the dead end that I came too - The instrumental is NOWHERE to be found.

Me & Mikill Pane were ready to cover it on a MAD one but... There's always a next one right?!

Anyway, the tings dem that I came across was the leading 'lady' in the video is the same chav that is in the cast of 'Misfits'

The humorous thing is that the gobbildy goop sounding being is almost in character as she is a bit of a *nudge nudge*

Imagine if Misfits was a follow on from the video... Imagine she is on probation for getting her knees dirty and showing her veins. Strange ay!?

By the way.... Does this look like me!?

See mum... I told you it doesn't...

*When I write 'nudge nudge' I'm referring to when you are with your people and they get 'naughty' with the opposite sex and you wanna big them up or something like that you nudge them twice with your elbow and give a cheeky flex of the eyebrows so if YOU didn't understand that first time around, scroll up, read again and pretend that you have someone to your right and nudge them. Tenks.

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