Saturday, 27 February 2010

(Anti) Anti-Crime

1st thing that came to my head when I saw this was 'You have Trim... pluck your shin, f**k your link, boy with the 38 buck with him' Trim on an ANTI crime tune'

Yes that's right... ANTI!

I know everyone is on the change up your 'avenue' to 'heat up' the scene vibe but... You can take the Stryder out of the Bow but you can' take the 'badman' out of the picky afro.

Seeing it more than once changed my thoughts SLIGHTLY.

After thinking for a couple of seconds that they did it on Sukh Knight's Jinglist, I tried to pay attention to what was being said, baring in mind I personally don't think anti crime tunes make a long lasting effect on the actual 'happenings'.

It's nicely produced but until Trim and biggie bigs pops up, you have to be from Liverpool to keep up with the personal BPM in their dialect, 1st time around.

Obese was the best on the tune... OH WOW... HIS NAME IS ACTUALLY OBESE?!

Not forgetting why this was done in the first place though...

Shooting Star Poets - a collective of Grime emcee's and a female singer have come together to make an anti crime campaign tune called "Campaign Time" which is released on April 5th which will have a launch party for it at Everton Football Club on March 31st. It's supported by SAMM (Support After Murder And Manslaughter) and it's going to be a pretty big deal.

Watch the video for yourself and read up on it here.
Downlaod the press release here.

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