Saturday, 28 April 2012

#SoundsOfUtopia: Purple Ferdinand

Far as I'm aware, I'm the first dude to get Purple, better known as Vanessa to her friends and family, Ferdinand in to a print, featuring her in RWD Mag's January issue as one of the 12 for 1012. Pretty cool.

I can't even recall how I stumbled on the fact the Newham native was a 'bad gyal' with the vocals and the Ukelele but my guess is one random Facebook feed. Big up Zuckerberg (despite this new timeline bullshit you've implemented is... Bullshit).

Recently the 23 year old musician slash tattooist dropped an acoustic video shot by the good people at House of ALT for her song, Beautiful Anomaly.

She's pretty cool, nice personality, always smiling, attractive and most importantly, herself. There's also a cover she did with @NadiahGee of Adina Howard's Freak Like Me which is also pretty cool.

Her songwriting skills are #nang to say the least. Check her out:


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