Friday, 16 April 2010

Producer S-X Interview

I caught up recently with one of the future hit makers to see wagwan with the wagwan den!? S-X surprised me with what he had to say, mainly with his age (no Gary Glitter).

How you doing sir?

I’m very good man, living, which is a good thing lol!

Truuuus me breathing is the in ting right now. Tell me a little about yourself, you know the usual.

Ok, I’m a music producer from the small city of Wolverhampton (right next to Birmingham). I mainly make hip hop/S-X Music (which is what I like to call it), however most of you know me for the Grime beat ‘Woooo’!

Definitely. Your Woooo riddim is causing a madness with a lot of MC’s doing a version. I think I heard it 1st on a Maximum Rinse show or one of S.B’s F64s… Which version is your favourite? Don’t be political with the answer too

Yeah a lot of people heard it on SB.TV first, got to give a big shout to everyone who helped the beat get so much exposure before it really popped off! But my favourite version, you probably knew I was going to say this, it’s D Double’s ‘Bad To The Bone’. Hearing a Grime legend on my beat is crazy, and the fact that he killed it! Is just… NEEEEXT HYPE!

How have you been handling the recent buzz then?

I’m not really letting it affect me because I’ve got a lot more work to do, but it’s definitely opened doors for me and allowed me to work with bigger people, so really I’m just using all the exposure it to an advantage, ignoring the negative people and doing my thing! You hear me Ralph!?

I hear you S-X, I hear you. When did you in fact make the beat?

I made the beat a few weeks before I went into Year 11 in school, that was 2007, so for it to blow up now is mad, and I really didn’t expect it to happen.

WHAT!? SERIOUS!? How old are you now?

I’m 17 now, that means I made the beat when I was 15, that’s pretty mad still haha!

'So you've made Woooo two years ago... People must of heard your stuff since then but just didn't know it was you.

Yeah theres a few, I did the StayFresh - 16 for 16 track and also Marvell - Marvell music, with the video being out on MTV and Channel AKA now its a good look. I've also done a track for JME's new album!

I’m sure your StayFresh family help keep you in check right?

Yeah man always, big up Jamie Dred, that’s my mentor/manager, he’s definitely helped me a lot & taught me a lot. My brother from another!

You got another banger in your hard drive ready to spring on us?

I’ve got a few but I’m not really sure when yet, I mean The Woooo EP is out on May 3rd on iTunes, Nokia, Zune & Amazon. So I’m gonna let the hype of Woooo die down then put out a few new beats. I leaked a few beats that were just sitting on my laptop because the demand was so high, but I’ve definitely got new stuff on the way. Just keep your eyes open!

Who’s your favourite producer… The one that has given you the most inspiration to do music?

My favourite producer, I don’t actually have a favourite producer really, I just like a lot of different styles, from Timbaland to Pharrell even to people like Fraser T Smith! So many people inspire me but I guess the main producer that made me want to make beats was Kanye West because I saw him on MTV with an MPC and I thought woow… You need all that stuff to make actual beats, then I realised all you need is Fruity Loops & a computer! So that’s what I did!

Where do you see Grime music going? Would you like the ‘established’ to make a heavy hitting impact or is it for the ‘youngers’ to take over the gauntlet?

I dunno man, Grime is an underground genre, and I think it always will be, there is more negative than there is positive, and all it takes to give Grime a worse name than it has, is someone getting stabbed or shot, but it really has nothing to do with the music, because music is music. But I think its time for the youngers to come through though!

YOUR favourite producer of ’09 (and what beat)?

My favourite Grime producer of 09 is Teddy AKA Silencer and World War 4, I don’t know if that beat was made in 09 but that was when I first heard it!

YOUR favourite tune of ‘09

I didn’t really have one you know, I just had a lot of songs on my iPod that I really liked, but not so much a favourite!

YOUR favourite DJ of ‘09

Probably Westwood or Logan, I always try to listen to their shows when they’re on air!

Hold up! Wait… Why did you call it the ‘Woooo Riddim’?

I called it that because it was originally made for an MC in the midlands, but he just left it, so I played it to a few people, and when it dropped there reaction was ‘Woooooooo’ so there you go! Woooo…. With four O’s for everyone who spells it wrong!

4 o’s. Gotcha!

Remember, the ‘Woooo EP’ is out on May 3rd on iTunes, Nokia, Zune & Amazon.

Twitter: @ProducerSX


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