Monday, 19 April 2010

Morals COST nothing

It's wreck when people can do [insert doings they really shouldn't be doing], call it WEALTH and then sardine slap your brother in need.

If I was to list everything that is wrong with this country, I would go in (Twitter) jail a couple times.

Whether you are capable of helping or can even empaphise with the situation, acknowledgment for someone's current low point costs nothing.
No need to swipe, deets, 1 day instants or any of that stuff.

Maybe I've had intercourse with a Santander C.E.O's daughter in a past life or have filled in the forms incorrectly a number of times *side eye*, but Student Loan, give me a break!

(What you need to focus on is 'Payment Rejected')

I just got off the phone to a house mate too saying ima need to have £640 by Wednesday or we may be evicted.
I don't want that to be on my conscious.

Sidebar: Fuck you Gucci & LV guys. I don't rate you at all. You're devaluing that shit same way.

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  1. i feel ur pain. i left uni in dec...and im still waitin for the first drop due me. its a madness they are wreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeckd