Wednesday, 18 November 2009

RALPH'S WORD: Opinions

I’ve always wanted to do some type of column style writing since I interviewed Gina Davidson but no topics had got me revving to open up word [even though I should be on pages now since I’m apart of the Mac family now], but words uttered by what I saw as being an ignorant mouth has now got me going; oh the irony.

My housemates and I were arguing after an incident involving a girl, my D&G watch & broken door got underway. Words were flying all across the house from the stairs to the garden and a fight nearly kicked off. Level headedness lowered the mood just to words again but as I was dishing out my two pence to a housemate he merely replied by saying ‘well it’s your right to your opinion’. UTTER BULLSHIT. That is one of the worse phrases to be injected into the English language, period. People have lost themselves to society, which is causing them to think that if x amount of people agree with one thing, it automatically becomes truth. What ever happened to objected truth? I’m there saying ‘stop being [insert name]’s Labrador’ and he’s replying by saying its cool to have my own opinion. If someone is wrong they should be called up on it so the person can turn around and say ‘I was wrong’ and their consciousness can be put up a notch.
Playing the village idiot is best left for those who want to reenact the YMCA dance.

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  1. The way you wrote this is really groovy! I like it!!! Structure wise, content wise and the way you put your point across and still tinge it with humour!