Saturday, 15 December 2012

Review: Disclosure @ Plan B 6.12.12 w/ AlunaGeorge

 Depending on where you reside in our multicultural country, a white dude and fair skinned lady may not be a new sight to you but I'd like to put the last bit of my overdraft on there not being a duo more musically inclined and fun loving on stage than AlunaGeorge. Opening for another act is always a near-nervous task, as the masses have most likely trekked for the headliner, but the performances were 'attracting flies' (as they were the shit) with the sensual skanks and wavy zoned out head bops from George, screamed otherwise.

The angelic soft tone vocals, almost nostalgic to Pokemon's Jigglypuff, melted the gazers in Plan B. Little light riding hood continued the pace with saucy belly rolls, ironically fitting for You Know You Like It.

"First name George, last name is is a badman" went ham sandwich with the 'mother fucker I'm ill' sample on the detachable limb of an MPC, only for Aluna to accompany the freestyle blind out.
The penultimate 2013 (no typo) rendition of the Montell Jordan classic This Is How We Do It sent the people back before bringing everyone to the present 'Your Drums, Your Love' to get the sing along crew's diaphragms warmed up.

Journey - Anyway You Want It, Leon Ware - I Wanna Be Where You are and then some occupied the change over period. Might I add, best selection of time filler tunes I've heard in any show.

The brothers touch the stage, prepping their umpteen instruments for an anxious venue. No long ting. The vibe was initiated from the get go with a 'let the beat build' style of random bass injections. With no stop and start, they get into ['If you don't mind ditching the bar'/ proper don't know this one]. The trusted MPC gets another feature in full effect with the first guest Sinead Harnett singing out 'Boiling', and the gruesome two. Fuck, she's sexy, anyway, her mic was either sent from Thor or Loki because it was so crispy. I don't know why I thought of them, but you should get the gist.

Taste of the poison was so sweet. Not as sweet as how they brought in 'Tenderly' on a calm one. Crowd erupts. They did it a key up which was 'Gonnnne' (in your best Ralph Hardy impression). Second guest with the first time performance of the Artful Dodger Remix. Please Don't Turn Me On with the original singer Lifford was upped. Ready for the baseline...

*Review comes to an abrupt stop as I had to leave to a DJ booking but I heard its entirety was epic so... Take my/their word for it.*

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