Sunday, 4 September 2011

Play Dirty, Look Clean

BODIED! Our cousins in America may not have known about @KreptPlayDirty & @KonanPlayDirty1 2 days ago but surely they should have a notion about them now.

I've tried to stay away from the Twitter realm but my mate hit me on the text at around 2am (rather upsetting too cus my sleep was choong and this mate was not a female) to go check Krept & Konan's Otis video. He must of slipped and bumped his head to think I wasn't still clued up to new music developments because I'm not on the blue bird right now. As expected, the views were chilling on that magic 303 count as the video plays freeze *cue's music*

I wake up now and check the WWW again, as you do, and see another mate talk about a million views for the video. I won't lie to you, I was sceptical whether this guy finished his maths SATS let alone GCSEs. I saw it on 35,128 views and thought 'Fucking 'ell! That's still a fuck load of views'. Searched it myself now and puiogyfhgxchjkhgvcj

Imagine it's the 2nd video that comes up when you search 'Otis' on the YouTube. Sorry Mr Deley... You've been dropped, again.

I won't even jump on the 'they must get signed now' wave because in all honesty, major labels are idiots... Pardon me... They're SCARED idiots who fail to take risks but just take 'risks'.
What's good about this Otis freestyle which differs from the plethora of versions I've heard in recent weeks is that, even besides knowing their background, you can hear that they are having fun with the lyrics and their chemistry on the track and visual is second to none. Kudos to them.

Watch Konan & Krept (the order in which they come on the track is the same order you write their name for said track) decimate the Otis instrumental, originally made famous by Jay-Z and my big brother Kanye West.

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