Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Can you hear that?

'Look What I've Done' by @MaverickSabre is a vibe I can't help but think sounds like 'The A Team' by @EdSheeran.

Not literally, of course, but the subject matter is of the same girl-going-down-the-wrong-path story... Then I watched the videos again...

The Canon works wonders.

Not taking anything away from the tunes. Just pointing out I have the eye/ ear for music.



When you hear this one, you're play count should remain at zero due to how many JACK 'EMS you give it. You can hear the inner roar come out with the flow(s) and DJ statement.

This is the formula. This is the singalong right now. This is the moesh.

I blogged previously about the The Wilhelm Scream before but having it as an .mp3 now is so much better for the world as we know it; the thinking man's tune.

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