Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Don't Open This Fourteen07

I don't own a diary or anything like that and I can't put these into lyrics so hence the blog. I'm a bit of a pillock saying 'Don't Open This' since people usually defy this and do so and also whats the point writing if no one is gonna read it? Irony? Hmmm

Basically, I don't trust anyone. I use to say 'Trust Me, Trust no one' all the time and followed it religiously (Yeah Femi I do see the Irony in it), but as I 'grew' older I found out I have what you humans call a heart and that emotion thingy came. I kind of used it to show affection via trust but that is ended as of just before I started this post.

Check this yeah, I tweet, I tweet BARE THINGS I "SHOULDN'T", and it's for my followers. I don't know WHY a SNITCH who DOESN'T EVEN FOLLOW ME will go to my page and go tell X Y & Z I said A, B & C.... Ironically this is how the post came about. Kanye much?

Sidebar: Femi just pinged me saying 'You defy all logic and science | You shouldn't exist'... This is the nicest thing I've heard in a while.

There are level of friendship. I advise you know your level with someone before you confide in them because if theirs with someone else outweighs yours, you're fucked i.e. When you confide in someone and they tell someone and they get enraged, even when what you said wasn't a par.

Now hear the wickedest thing (that i.e. was about me BTW), I have no way of knowing if certain people HATE me (still) but the IRONY (I realuy like irony don't I?!) of this is there are [Twitter] SNITCHES that inform me; 'it's all good when they're snitching for me but when they snitch against me... Pwoarrr! It really vexes my spirit.

I forgot why I opened blogspot but what I'm tryna say is even when Trust is earned it may still not be deserved. It's like I can't speak my mind without someone else shouting theirs.

OH WAIT CHECK THE WICKEDER WICKEDEST THING... Regardless of how life pars me and puts baby in the corner, I still remember that I LOVE her. I don't think I've properly expressed love to her but I do, regardless of the negative energy she shows me I love her but it's so hard to keep that up when she HATES you.

All I want is a job, Beats by Dre and my Black Jesus piece back. Is that so much to ask for?

Yours regretfully


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